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We value your quality of life, value yourself and invest in your health.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to help you with your health, fitness, and wellness goals. We can help you break through plateaus. We will help you set realistic goals and keep you accountable. The workout programs that you may find on the internet may not always be "one size fits all". On the internet you cannot get proper help with your form. At Gier Family Fitness our trainers will guide you to ensure that you have proper form. Having good form will help you avoid injuries and create better results overall. We will tailor a specific workout program to you that will be designed to your personal goals and fitness levels. Gier Family Fitness would love to help you establish lifelong health, wellness, and exercise habits.

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Whether you are an expert when it comes to fitness, or you have zero experience, we welcome you. We have experience in training people of all different ages, different bodies, and different fitness levels.