About Us

Gier Family Fitness

Gier Family Fitness is a locally owned family business started by Gabriela and Jordan Gier. As a couple, we recently started this business because of our love and passion to help others. We began the planning process of starting our business in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic. We hope to grow this business and not only help and empower people locally but globally as well. We want to share the benefits of a healthier lifestyle with all of you with our personal training services.

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Our Owners/Personal Trainers

Jordan Gier (Owner)

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

BA in Exercise Science

Jordan has his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science at Central College and is an ACSM certified personal trainer. Upon graduating from Central College he began his career at The M.A.C in Cedar Rapids. He was employed there as a trainer for 8 years. His passion to help others continues to grow and drove him to open his own personal training studio, Gier Family Fitness. Jordan is an exceptional personal trainer. He has trained a wide variety of people, ranging from an average person, young athletes, and even people who have already retired looking to prolong their life. Jordan is always open to meeting new clients. 

Gabriela Villagrana (Owner)

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Marketing/Software management

Gabriela is not actively accepting new clients! She works full time at State Farm and helps Jordan with anything that he needs with the business. She is bilingual and speaks both Spanish and English very fluently. Gabriela manages our scheduling and payment software, along with managing our website and marketing. She loves coordinating our annual client appreciation event. She enjoys helping people in any way that she can, whether it be with fitness or with life in general.